Professional Commercial and Domestic Electrical Installation & Repairs in Leicestershire

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Bishop Electrical Installations are available for commercial and domestic electrical work across Leicestershire. We offer our customers a vast selection of services such as mandatory electrical inspections, emergency repairs and electrical appliance installation.

We’re aware that electrical malfunctions and failures can severely affect the operations of local businesses so we aim to respond to emergencies as quickly as possible 24/7.  

Emergency Electrician Callout Service

Domestic and Commercial Electrical Appliances can be unpredictable and malfunction at any moment. This can severely hinder the operations of a small business in Leicestershire; luckily Bishop Electrical Installations are here to help 24/7 to help quell electrical problems which affect your business.

Our team of electricians spanning the length and width of Leicestershire are available to contact 24 hours a day including weekends. Our emergency callout service also includes residential emergencies such as when you detect the smell of burning coming from a socket or the main fuse box. Another example could be your circuit breaker are tripping quite often, this could be a sign that the electrical unit is deteriorating and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. 

Electrical Appliance Installation

Have you just purchased a new electrical home appliance which needs installing? Bishop Electrical Installations can install appliances such as electric ovens, electric dryers, washing machines, electric cookers and many more applicanes. Bishop Electrical Installations have a team of trained Leicestershire based electricians who safely and professionally install your appliance.   


Electrical Rewiring & Socket Installation

It’s inevitable that all electrical devices and circuits in your home will eventually deteriorate over time due to age and use. As electrics deteriorate there’s a possibility that they can become dangerous and pose a risk to your home and family members. It’s a good idea to get domestic appliances regularly checked by a specialist to ensure they are in safe operational order.  

If your home or business place needs it wiring upgraded or you’re thinking of adding electrical sockets to a new conservatory, be sure to contact Bishop Electrical Installations. Our team of local electrical professionals have undertaken many re-wring projects across Leicestershire. Our electricians will work with you to establish an effective plan to re-wire your home or business which ensures you have a set-up which meets the requirements of your home electricals.

How often am I required to get my home electrics inspected by a specialist?

It is recommended that landlords or people letting out a property to have the premises inspected every 5 years.  A landlord who fails to carry out 5 yearly checks would be breaching the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020.

However if you own and live in a property you are required to get your electrics inspected every 10 years.

Electric Car Charging Point Installation 

Many motorists as well as vehicle manufactures across the UK are switching to electric or hybrid vehicles and are moving away from combustion engines. This is partly due to governments target to reduce harmful gas emissions in the UK. The rising cost of petrol and diesel also makes switching to an electric car more attractive. Ultimately as the number of electric vehicles on the road increase so must the Electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Contact us today to get an electric vehicle charger installed in your Leicestershire home or workplace.

Storage Heater Repair & Replacement

Bishop Electrical installations can service or repair your storage heater at a fixed competitive cost. Don’t get caught out during the winter months. Many don’t realise their storage heater is faulty until they actually need to use it. Be sure to get your storage heater regularly serviced to avoid unwanted surprises.  

Storage heaters are mostly only used during the cold winter days to store heat in the house. But, imagine how frustrating it can be to run into a critical fault right when you need it. If you suspect your storage heater has stopped working or you suspect there is a fault with your storage heater. Be sure to contact us and one our Leicestershire based emergency electrician will repair and service the storage heater at affordable price rates. Thus, you do not need to worry anymore. Contact us now and our emergency agent will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

Our electricians are able to solve storage heater faults and carry out a thorough inspection to establish whether it needs a repair or not. In addition to storage heater repair services, we offer installation services in case you require a replacement storage heater. Our professional Leicestershire based electricians are trained to work with all types of storage heater. Our electricians are also ready to offer instructions on how to properly use and preserve them. Thus, should you require assistance for your home storage heaters, do not hesitate to contact us.

Industrial Electrician Services

Our Leicestershire based electricians have experiences working in a wide range of work environments such as warehouses, offices and schools.

Bishop Electrical Installations work with local schools and Leicestershire colleges to integrate and install electrics tailor-made for education.

Some of the electricians with us at Bishop Electrical installations are dads with kids at Leicestershire schools or colleges.  We completely understand why parents expect children to grow up in educational environments which are safe and up to date.

At Bishop Electrical Installations we feel passionately that schools and colleges across Leicestershire should have high quality electrics installed such as a string reliable Wi-Fi connection, well illuminated classrooms and sophisticated security systems.

We offer a range of electrical services to schools and colleges across Leicestershire such as Ethernet Network cabling installation, electrical re-wiring, emergency and safety lighting. We also install energy efficient lighting with the aim to make our schools and colleges more environmentally friendly and set good an example to future generations.

We work with our customers to ensure that electrical work can be completed with as little disruption as possible. We’re happy to complete electrical work during or outside school terms.